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Tennis In Hawaii VIP Experience

Sunday, October 1st - Saturday October 7th, 2023

What Past Tennis In Hawaii Students Are Saying:
"Everything was a 10 out of 10..."
"Everything was a 10 out of 10 for me. I’ve never stayed at a hotel this nice, all the people have been wonderful, the food is great, and then you couple that with the quality of the tennis instruction. I don’t care who you are, its beyond anything that anyone else has ever experienced.

This is not somebody feeding you balls out of a cart and yelling at you periodically. It’s instructors who really care about making a difference in my individual game. You get the “why”. Why do I want to do that? Why do I not always want to do that? It’s analytical thinking and now we have the building blocks for being able to do that and I feel like you’re not going to get that anywhere else."  


4.0 NTRP
Tennis in Hawaii Student
"It's been wonderful..."
"At other instructional places when we’ve taken trips it’s just been hitting, hitting, hitting a lot of balls. There’s not really any instruction at all. 

It’s been wonderful. The food has been fantastic, everybody has been helpful. I like the size of the group. I think this place has been fantastic. The rooms were nice, everything was spot on. I was surprised by how well you guys worked as a group. I’m not used to being at tennis things that are as well organized as this."


4.0 NTRP
Tennis in Hawaii Student
"This coaching was so much better..."
"I’ve been to van Der Meer, I’ve been to Newcombs, and I’ve been to Saddlebrook three times. This coaching was so much better than theirs its unreal. They gave you instruction but there was a big bunch of you and they had you divided up into groups and you just hit balls. This is certainly more one on one and personal. I guess I felt like a ball machine at the other places."


4.0 NTRP
Tennis in Hawaii Student
Our Luxury Hawaii Resort:
The "Fairmont Orchid" on the Kohala Coast

Immerse yourself in an authentic Hawaii Island travel experience, surrounded by 32 oceanfront acres of lush tropical gardens, cascading waterfalls and a tranquil white sand beach and lagoon. This is the incredible setting of our next exclusive, week long instructional experience!

As a student you'll be treated to a private suite at the Orchid with all meals and beverages included as well as unlimited access to their beautiful beaches, pools, and fitness center. 

Throughout the week we'll be planning unique experiences and activities such as morning yoga, post-tennis massages, an authentic Hawaiian luau, and many other surprises. 

Inspired by culture, well-being and genuine aloha, Fairmont Orchid Hawaii is a Four Diamond resort hotel featuring an award-winning Spa, a 10,000 square foot ocean side pool, and beach club. 

Home to two of the world's greatest mountains, one of the world's most active volcanoes, 11 of the world's 13 climate zones, and some of Hawaii's top beaches, the Big Island of Hawaii has much to offer.

Morning sessions will be focused on a different topic each day: groundstrokes, net game, serve and return, singles strategy and doubles strategy. Each afternoon you'll have a private session with Ian.

Every evening we'll gather together for dinner to share in an incredible meal just steps from the ocean while sharing stories of travel, tennis conquests, and our biggest takeaways from the day of coaching. 

The sunny Kohala Coast, 20 minutes from Kona International Airport, boasts dramatic black lava fields, beautiful beaches, world-renowned golf and spectacular sunsets. This is the chance of a lifetime to improve your game fast while surrounded by natural beauty, world class coaching, and focused, driven peers who will become lifelong friends.

Strictly 6 Spots Available This Experience.  Once They're Full, No Additional Spots or Dates Will Be Added.
Let me reiterate that we only have 6 spots available for this exclusive experience, and this message is going out to tens of thousands of students and fans of essentialtennis.com.

Our dates for 2023 are Sunday, October 1st - Saturday October 7th, 2023.

These events sell out very quickly, so you better act fast if you want to be a part of the experience.

Once we fill up, we will not be adding any more spots or dates.  If you're reading this and we're already sold out, then you'll have to wait until 2023 to have the chance to join us in Hawaii.  

Laser Targeted VIP Style Instruction From Me AND My Team...
You'll get to work not only with me, but also with my team members: Matt and Scott, who are USPTA certified pros and practitioners of my instructional approach. 

Since we only have 6 students in this experience and 3 pros, you'll enjoy lots of personal attention throughout our morning group sessions. Then, every afternoon you'll get time with me one on one so we can tackle your most pressing issues. 

The value you'll receive throughout the week will be amplified by the unique style of instruction that we follow as part of the Essential Tennis method. Rather than use "run and gun" feeding drills to keep everybody moving frantically around the court, we calm down, have students mindfully work together, and adopt a very intimate, hands on approach. 

That's what our VIP style training is all about... PERSONALIZED attention!

We'll frequently be on your half of the court, right by your side, analyzing your swing and your play (unlike other clinics that just feed you balls and scream at you from across the court).

You'll be on the court all day Monday through Friday. Each morning we'll have a three hour session together as a group, and each afternoon you'll spend another 90 minutes on the court rotating though personal time with a coach. 
  A Proven Learning Process So Your Improvements Will Continue AFTER The Clinic...
After we're done with all of the in person clinic activities, your improvement won't stop there.

We won't just give you some generic tips and send you home.

You'll actually go home with a Customized Action Plan to follow, that we create for you!

We will provide you with drills and practice plans specific to you, based on the areas you need to improve the most. 

We invest personal time with you on the court at the clinic and equip you with real tools and plans to continue the improvement process, so you are confident on the court and get more wins for months and years to come.

You'll know exactly what to implement and how, when you get home and continue your improvement process.

This experience is strictly focused on helping you make significant leaps in your doubles game, with real progress and real results.
Revisit Every Explanation, Demonstration, And Drill. FOREVER.
Shortly after returning home you'll be given free access to a comprehensive film containing 4k video of every single breakthrough moment you experienced on the court in Hawaii.

We're making "clinic amnesia" obsolete by recording every explanation, instruction, and demonstration so you can relive your entire instructional experience for the rest of your tennis career. 

This is the ultimate improvement companion (especially when combined with your personalized Action Plan!) because as you advance each part of your game over the weeks and months after our time together in Hawaii you'll be able to use your film as a resource guide to light your path step by step, level by level. 
You'll Also Receive Essential Tennis Academy, My Elite Digital Training For 1 Full Year...
($1,164 Value)
You'll ALSO go home with a free year of online access to Essential Tennis Academy, which is our premium monthly coaching program.  You'll get a full year of access which is a $1,164 value (regular price of $97 per month). 

Essential Tennis Academy includes technique, strategy, and practice drill trainings every single month so that you can continually advance your game. Membership also includes exclusive "Tip of the Day" coaching from the Essential Tennis team, live digital coaching sessions, a private member forum where ET Pros answer questions, and a full Drill Library. All the guidance and inspiration needed to continue improving every part of your game!

With over 400 videos spanning 43 coaching modules you'll be able to quickly find the step by step solution to virtually every technique and strategy problem there is. 

The live instruction coupled with the continued digital training will give you a significant advantage on the court that your opponents won't have.
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Tennis In Hawaii VIP Experience
Sunday, October 1st - Saturday October 7th, 2023
More Thoughts From Tennis In Hawaii Students:
"What would I say to someone who wants to go? GO! I’m sure many players would not invest this much into their tennis, it is a luxury, but I don’t think any one would not like to have their game videoed and analyzed by three great coaches!

I’ve never done a clinic anywhere else except lessons from the local pros at my club. This was way above anything they ever did or said! And somethings that were said or taught in Hawaii were counter to what they have been telling me. I’ve decided I can only listen to one voice and I’ve chosen Essential Tennis. 

I felt like I was being coached as if I was a talented young student instead of an older just starting senior citizen. It gave me such hope that I can improve my game and learn many of the things I see the juniors do and wonder “ where did they ever learn that?” Then be told “oh they started at a young age, it just comes naturally at that time” uggg, then how can I ever get better? It’s like at my age there’s only so far I can go and so much I’ll be able to learn. NOT with Essential Tennis! They let me believe I can do anything!"


3.5 NTRP
Tennis in Hawaii Student
"I don't have any suggestions..."
The ratio of instructors to students I think was perfect. You could even have a few more students per instructor but there was always no more than two or three of us on a court with one instructor. The best part is you also get one on one attention with the video analysis. The great part about the individual attention that we get each day is we get to choose what it is that we want to work on. The coaches might have suggestions but there may also be things that I know in matches never work for me and I want to change that. 

I don’t have any suggestions on what to change. It’s hard to change something that I think is really an incredibly inventive idea and its a big change from what most other instruction platforms are doing. Just keep doing it." 


4.0 NTRP
Tennis in Hawaii Student
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