How To Transform Your Whole Game In ONE Day Of Coaching!
1 Day One On One Intensive Includes:
  •  6 Hours of On Court Coaching. All your major road blocks will be deconstructed and solved. 
  •  Preliminary Analysis Call. We'll understand your game and your goals long before your arrival. 
  • 1 to 1 Ratio. Improve under the watchful eye of Ian, Kevin or Megan. 
  • Detailed Video Analysis. Every stroke will be analyzed in real time using super slow motion. 
  • Customized Action Plan. A complete, step by step plan you'll follow at home to train new habits.
  • Complete Film of Your Experience. Re-live your experience for the rest of your life in 4k quality.
  • Private Lunch. Pick the brain of your ET pro to plan your improvement journey.
What One On One Intensive Students Say:
"It's a lot more valuable to come here..."
"No lessons that I’ve ever gone to have used in depth video analysis. They’ll give me little fixes here and there but I’m never fully sure how to tell if I’m doing it right, and I don’t even know if they know because they aren’t looking at it in slow motion and making sure the right actions are happening at the right time. 

I’ve gone to Florida a few times to different tennis academies (Bollettieri's and Saddlebrook) and spent a week down there. It costs more to go there and all I do is hit a ton of balls which is good but it’s not super helpful when I go home. The only benefit that I have is the workout I got in Florida and not so much any idea of what I need to improve on. It’s a lot more valuable to come here and get the details that I need. 

The things I went through today I didn’t even have any idea that I was even doing them wrong so for sure I’m going to have things to work on that I would have no clue if I hadn’t come here and discovered it."


4.0 NTRP
One on One Student
Plus Access To The #1 Tennis Improvement Community:
1 Year Unlimited Membership
  •  47 digital coaching modules covering every technique and strategy topic. 
  • Smart Drills Library with feeding, cooperative and competitive drills for singles and doubles. 
  •  Private community forum with over 1,000 passionate, focused players giving help and support.
  • Full VIP films of private students working with the ET coaches in person.  
  • ​"Tip Of The Day" videos for ongoing tennis insight and inspiration. 
  •  Bi-weekly live coaching webinars covering technique and strategy topics. 
  •  Much, much more!
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All of us here at Essential Tennis are super excited about partnering with you on your tennis improvement journey! 

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"If you're thinking about it then it's worth it..."
"For the same or a little less as going for a full week (in Florida) I can get pretty much every single stroke that I wanted to look at worked on and I’ll remember what to do when I get home and I can keep improving where as like I said, when you leave Florida you’re kind of done improving. 

This coaching in particular is focused specifically on me and not a group of people that I’m either traveling with or I don’t know, you get more intimate instruction that way. They also seem to run through the same drills over and over every day in those places and it’s not tailored specifically to what you might be doing right or wrong. You get a better workout there (laughs), but I can do that at home, too. 

If you’re thinking about it then it’s worth it. If you want to get better and improve your game, if you’re willing to put in the work then it’s totally worth it. I would 100% recommend this over going to a random tennis camp and hitting balls." 


4.0 NTRP
One on One Student
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